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An important part of any Preschool and Elementary class is to have activities inside and outside of the classroom. Each of the classes have the following:


Circle Time - calendar, weather, pledges and prayer

Academic Time - A Beka curriculum, manipulatives and games

Craft Time - making items to develop fine motor skills

Music Time - All classes attend music class once a week. The children have fun singing songs using motion and movement and playing instruments. We have a program at Christmas and at the end of the year. Each class also does music in their regular classes that go along with their curriculum.

Outdoor/Play Time - We have two playgrounds for the children to play on. One is geared toward the younger children and one for the older children. Weather permitting, the children will go outside each day. Otherwise, we have a large room they can play in. Fresh air and exercise are important to develop gross motor skills.

Story Time - practice listening skills.

Chapel - The students attend chapel every Wednesday. We take up "offering" of canned goods to put in the food pantry at the church. We learn pledges, sing songs and have bible stories. The children learn what it's like to sit in "big" church.

Field Trips - We do several field trips throughout the school year. Each age group has certain ones they do each year. Some of the places we go are Dauset Trails, Fire Station, Southern Belle Farms, etc. They have lots of fun!

Special Days - We have several special days throughout the school year. Some of the days, like Grandparent's Day and Pastries with Parents are to celebrate the special people in their lives. Other days, like Fire Safety Week and Community Helper Month, are to help the children learn hands on.